Thursday, July 23, 2009

To Blog or Not to Blog?

That seems to be the question for some of my friends lately. For some it seems overwhelming, they don't know where to start. Others wonder if they will have the time or anything to say.

Someone asked me recently, why do I blog? Why not just use facebook or online photo albums. Those things are great for sharing photos with family and friends online. But I want more than that. To me this blog is the best gift I can think of to give my girls. Since blogspot archives all my posts and my photos up to 1GB, I can literally archive and catalog my children's childhoods in this blog. They will be able to go back through my old posts cataloged by year, month and date and not JUST see photos, but to be able to read my thoughts. They can read all about my trials and tribulations and my joys and accomplishments, their own milestones and funny moments and good times.

Eventually when they each enter Kindergarten they will have their own blogs dedicated to discussing their schooldays and their extra curricular activities and showing off their artwork and their photos. Yes it is daunting sometimes and hard to make time for, but since I suck at keeping a diary and don't know how to preserve it and don't want them fighting over it or losing it, for me this was the best way.

Anyone who wants to get started it is so easy now. You just choose minima as your template when you sign up and then go to to choose a design that you like. They tell you exactly how to go about setting up your blog background with step by step instructions. The rest is just trial and error. And of course if all your friends have blogs, I am sure none of them will mind helping you figure out how to do something or where to put something...

So to anyone out there who is considering it, all I can say is, go for it! And do what you can. Don't feel obligated to keep up with the Jones'! Don't feel obligated to share every photo on here. Or every moment. Don't kick yourself if you post once a month while others post one a day or week. Just do what you can with the time you can allot to it. Some is better than none. Your kids might really thank you some day for it.

Happy Blogging.

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  1. I blog because it is like an online journal. It automatically keeps track of dates and pictures that I might forget about in the future. I love reading your blog. . .so keep blogging.