Sunday, July 12, 2009

San Diego Photos Part 1 (The Drive)

There are so many photos from San Diego that I can't put them all in one post, nor can I go through them that fast. So I think for the next few days I will post photos in stages. Here are some of my favorites from our drive...

The girls did GREAT on the drive out! Ryen had it the worst as she is still backwards and had nothing to look at other than her own feet for the whole drive. Her toys after a while were not enough to keep her enterained... but she is so laid back she only fussed a little. El was a trooper. We stopped to let her play for about 45 minutes at the Carl's Jr in Yuma, AZ (last stop before the CA border). That seemed to help her get energy for the rest of the trip.

All packed and ready to go and Daddy is smiling...

Circle K Stop so Mommy can have her COFFEE!!! Everyone's smiling...

Lots of Love in the car...

Look... my babies are STILL smiling! What troopers.

Sand Dunes in CA and wind turbines up close. Cool to see!

Yeah we made it... and my FAVORITE sign... BEACHES!!

Out Hotel. Best Western Hacienda in Old Towne

More photos to come tomorrow. Stay tuned! XOXO


  1. So glad that the girls did so well! The older two were absolutely no help on the way out! lol considering all they wanted to do was sleep! =) Ahhh... teen years! But it looks like Jimmy stayed in control and didnt lose his mind LOL Cant wait to see more pics!!! Keep em coming!

  2. So glad that Ryen was good in the car and Ella. I hate driving with kids for long distances. You are brave.

  3. Thats awesome the girls did so well! Reese does not like the car for longer than 20 minutes so my 7 hour drive across Iowa will be interesting! Can't wait to see more pics!