Wednesday, July 22, 2009

True Story

Ok so the last night we were in San Diego the kids were exhausted from our day at the beach. So Jimmy and I put them to bed and started packing. Ella was in a Queen Bed by herself.

When we were done packing Jimmy and I sat down on the other side of the room away from the kids and started playing chess. After a while we heard this loud bang that we thought came from upstairs. We both looked at each other a little annoyed that the "elephants" upstairs might wake our kids. But neither of our kids stirred or made a peep so we went back to playing. When the chess match was over I went to check on the kids and couldn't find Ella in her bed. I went over to Ryen's area to see if she was on the couch or messing with Ry and I couldn't see her there either. Something suddenly clicked and I realized maybe that loud bang we had heard had not come from upstairs after all and sure enough, I was right...

Poor little Ella had fallen right off the bed smacking the wall on the way to the floor. But apparently landed on her back still clutching her pillow and never even woke up. lol. We tried not to laugh, but the site was just so unbelievable that we had to grab the camera. She actually fell out one more time before the morning (even after I piled a ton of blankets and pillows behind her) but that time when she hit the wall, she did wake up screaming.

Poor kid. The next morning we told her "Ella you fell out of bed last night twice and landed on the floor." And she was like "No I didn't." We asked her, "you don't remember that?" and she was like "I didn't fall." We were like ok... you didn't! :)


  1. This is hilarous, I am still laughing just thinking about it.

  2. Oh my that is too funny! When we went on our trip I made sure Arya's mattress was on the floor because I knew the same thing would happen. I did pick her up off the floor multiple times during the trip.