Monday, April 19, 2010


So today seems to be another one of those, I am going to be cranky and cry all day unless you keep us entertained days. You know your in trouble when your 8:27am Facebook status update reads that your children are already driving you to need a glass of wine. So what to do again today? Hmm...

First I called Aunt Lori and begged her to meet me at Dunkin Donuts this morning for some time with the kiddos. Especially since she is leaving to head back to MA in about 6 weeks. We had hot chocolate, sprinkled munchkins, and cuddles with Auntie! Yeah!

I also caught some cute photos of my kids horsing around in Dunks, and PS: they are never too young to start their addiction to dunks munchkins and coffee... (just kidding. Ella had a hot chocolate!)

While Ryen was napping Ella got to finger paint in the backyard. She loved it! She naturally puts her little hand on her hip and paints with the other hand. It is so cute. :)

We were joined by Mackenzie and Adrianna who were nice enough to drop off our pottery items from As You Wish, and ended up staying to paint with us. When Ryen woke up we found ourselves pulling out bubbles, slip n slides and then ended up in the hot tub! We were outside for like 3 hours. I got a good sunburn out of it, but that will turn into my Summertime tan!

This was Ella and Ryen's first time playing with the slip n slide and they LOVED it. Ella had been asking me every day for like weeks and I finally broke it out. I got some great shots of the kids playing with it!

Overall it was a great day. But I am exhausted! I mean really, if I am going to have to keep packing my days full of activities to keep these creative, fun, eager littles happy and in love with their Momma, I am going to be a very tired woman... with a GORGEOUS tan! Ha ha ha! After dinner my kiddos got a great deal of giggles in a bubble bath too. And even though it was my turn to put them to bed tonight, Jimmy saw that I needed some Mommy time. So he told me he would put them to bed so I could head to the gym. I ran 2.25 miles to the gym, worked out for an hour, and then ran 2.25 miles home. It felt great!! And while I was gone we had a PAPArazzi in the house. Check out the photos he snapped of Bunny brushing her teeth. I love him for this...

And although I should be sleeping, I am of course blogging for my babies. A mother's work is never done...

Goodnight friends and family... zzzzzzz


  1. Great pictures I can really tell the difference with you using your new camera. The finger painting outside is a wonderful idea.

  2. Thanks. She has always finger painted outside since I hate mess but Lisa G. taught me to tape it up to the wall.