Sunday, April 25, 2010

I have a new mission...

Many of you know that I have faithfully raised money for Breast Cancer for over 5 years now. Not because I was affected by it personally, but simply because the statistics sucked. 1 in 8 women? Really? (now I think it is up to 1 in 7?) I knew that I had more than 7 or 8 women in my life that meant the World to me that I didn't want to see taken before their time due to this disease. So I have walked in two Breast Cancer 3-Days, 1 Avon Breast Cancer Walk (in San Francisco while 6 mos pregnant with Ella) and completed TWO consecutive Tri For The Cure(s)...

But another statistic I don't like was recently brought to my attention. Did you know that for every $3 raised for Breast Cancer research, awareness, treatment and programs only .30 CENTS gets raised for Childhood Cancers? There is 10x as much money going to Breast Cancer then helping Children diagnosed with Leukemia or Lymphomas. That number is staggering. So although Breast Cancer will continue to be an important cause for me. And I will still do the Tri For The Cure as often as I can, I am re-focusing my efforts on Childhood Cancers. These little angels need a voice too. And Breast Cancer is well covered in this area. We need to raise more awareness for the needs for funds, treatments, research and aid to families and children rocked by Cancer. And yes there are lots of causes that need more coverage, funds, awareness. But Cancer in babies and kids is just downright WRONG. So I feel the need to get involved.

So I am not seeing Pink anymore... I am seeing PURPLE! Which is my daughter Ella's favorite color anyway, so she will be thrilled. And now that Childhood Leukemia has touched me personally in more ways then one and had the NERVE to come after a family I LOVE, it has lit a fire under me like something fierce. In honor of Violette Dehoux, Brady Wein, and Nicholas Haseotes and all the other babies and families who I don't know that are bravely facing this monster I have a new mission.

Some of the ways I have/am going to get involved already:

Joined the BE THE MATCH bone marrow donor database.

Continue to Donate Blood/Platelets Every 3 mos.

May 29, 2010: "Fight For Life" Family Walk 1 Mile OR Run 5K at Freestone Park in Gilbert followed by Family Carnival (click here) Benefiting Steven L Pearson Leukemia Foundation

November 13, 2010: "Light The Night" Family Walk with illuminated balloons! (click here) I will be creating a team in honor of Violette Dehoux. Hope we can get a BUNCH of us to do this!!! Benefiting The Leukemia and Lymphoma society.

January 2011: "PF Changs Rock N Roll Half Marathon" since I was doing this anyway, I will now be trained utilizing Team In Training (click here) benefiting The Leukemia and Lymphoma society.

For anyone who wants to join me in any of these events, or to find events in your area check out the following:

Let's send a message that Cancer doesn't belong anywhere near kids.


  1. Jill you are such an inspiration. So passionate and I just love how you take that passion and DO something about it. I used to donate platelets before I had Jackson and as soon as I am done breast feeding I am going to start again as well as the bone marrow. We can make a difference, if we all try we can change the world.

  2. Jill I'll do the 5k with ya in May-but I'll be leaving the kiddos at home. And Jessica is right-such an inspiration! Love ya!

  3. Jill- You really are an inspiration and have such an amazing heart! I signed up for the light the night already and will be definitely doing the event in May too. love you