Sunday, April 18, 2010

You gotta turn it around!

Today started off pretty crappy for us. Both kids woke up at 5:45am and after much begging, pleading, diaper changes, bathroom trips, milk, and bribery, I was unsuccessful in getting them to go back to bed. So at 6:30am we were in the living room starting our day. The kids were both SO cranky (well more Ryen than Ella). And I knew I had to do something to turn the day around, or it would be lost completely. It was Daddy's turn to sleep in since he got up at 6 with the girls yesterday for me to do Pat's Run. So I got the girls dressed and off we went to breakfast at The Hangar Cafe at Chandler's small airport around the corner from my house. We sat on the patio so the girls could watch small planes and helicopters drive past us on the tarmac and take off from the runway. Everytime a plane would take off Ryen would put her hands on her head and scream WOW! Here is a photo of her and Ella at our breakfast:

After breakfast we realized we had stumbled upon an airshow at The Chandler Airport this morning. They had B-17 Bombers and a Blackhawk (with a FEMALE pilot- kickass!) some search and rescue copters and some small two seater propeller planes. So much to see and look at. We took a bunch of cute photos and the girls had a blast! At one point my 18 mos old yelled out "AWESOME!" How cool is she? Here are some photos of the airshow:

And a nice man offered to get all three of us in a photo on the way out! ((yeah))
After the Airshow we went to Makenna's Birthday Party today! Here are my beauties having fun at the party:

Ella is seriously growing up so fast right before my eyes!

Ryen had fun chasing bubbles and giggling...

Is there anything better then yummy messy treats at a birthday party?

Captured their excitement perfect. You can almost read their minds,
"please let this last pull open up all the candy!"

After our morning and afternoon adventures their bad moods were a thing of the past. And what better way to keep it that way then a dip in the pool?

Yes folks, it is official. The Carilli pool and spa are officially open for
The Summer Season. Book your trips now, and come visit us! LOL

PS: Looks like we may have another fish on our hands
with Ry Bunny. Now if I could just get her to put down the duck! Stay tuned...

Moral of the post is... any day can become a great day with a little creativity and redirection and some friends to crash in on for a couple hours! ;)


  1. What a great day and wonderful surprise. The airplanes sound like so much fun, I know Jackson would love them. I love the picture of Ryen with Jimmy in the water. Taken with your new camera I am sure. Ella looks like a mini teenager in some of these pictures (you better watch out because she is going to be a knock out and all the boys will be a calling). Hope to see you and the girls soon. Good job mama.

  2. When I look at these pic's and see how happy your girls are. You see it in their smiles. I am so proud of the mother you have become. Your girl's are lucky to have you! I am too. Love you

  3. Thanks Mommy! I love you too!! XO