Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Festivities

There were a lot of Easter festivities this week/weekend. We had three egg hunts to attend, plus Ella had another one at school. I have never needed so many Easter eggs before! But there is some magic in those little eggs with their secret treasures. Their ability to make a child's eyes light up and their mouths widen in an innocent smile... that is a sight to behold, and I LOVE every second of it. I want to snap a photo of them picking up every egg and in fact I think looking at my flash card, that must be what I did. Hope you enjoy our assortment of photos, and that your Littles enjoyed their eggs as much as mine did...

On Thursday we met up with our playgroup for our annual Egg hunt playdate. Our friend Lisa hosted. We had a blast (this was the first of 4 egg hunts for the kids).

Here are some group shots of our playgroup kids and Moms (love them):

My kiddos hunting for eggs:

Love these photos of Ella and one of her besties Kendall:

And my favorite photo of the day, Me and my babies:

On Friday we met with our other playgroup friends for our second annual gg Hunt. We missed last year's due to a trip back to Boston so this was our first with them. Again, we had a blast! Love these ladies and kids too!

Here are all the kids lined up and ready to start!

Here are the kids enjoying their treasures after:

Dakota, Ella and Summer (I love their shy smiles)

And my favorite photo of this day too, Me and my babies :)

This was the first year that we had baskets for the girls. My parents had a little basket for Ella last year while we were back in Boston. Ryen was too young. So it was pretty much their first year getting a basket from us. They were excited when they woke up.

Every Easter Morning we meet up with our neighbors for The Connors annual Egg Hunt and Brunch. This year we moved it to the park due to the number of people (over 60+). There were eggs all over the park! It was great. The kids once again had a blast. Here is a group shot of the kids:

Jimmy and I with our beautiful little babies:

Our girls Hunting for Eggs:

My Angels:

And to cap off an already amazing and fun day Ryen went pee pee on the potty today for the first time. And now she wont stop sitting on the potty (in her clothes) and then standing up and saying "I pee-pee" again and again. It is so cute...


  1. WOW talk about crowds, how did you not lose any kids? lol. My arms are in the air giving a shout out to Ryen for pee pee, I'm so excited for you!