Friday, April 23, 2010

We are seeing Pink again... and again.

A baby girl knows from the very beginning
How to play life’s game and come out winning.
Her pink-cheeked face, her adorable curls
Will reel you right in; that’s the way of girls.

She’ll flutter those lashes in a wide-eyed stare;
It’s all calculated to make you care.
And those baby girl noises, the sigh and the coo...
She’ll play baby poker, and the jackpot is you!

But whatever happens, she’s always a pleasure,
So spend lots of time with your little treasure.

There are so many girls being born this year. Two just made their debut one more is coming this week! I had a great opportunity yesterday to go visit Tanya and baby Violette (born April 20th) and Danielle and baby Katelyn (born April 7th). I definitely got my baby fix!! My girls loved seeing the babies too. Except by the time we got around to Katelyn, Ryen was getting a little jealous and showed no real interest in the baby other than to say bye baby and wave furiously when it was time for us to leave. Ha ha ha!! These two babies both stole my heart and are both so different! Check it out:

Violette is a tiny peanut only 5.5 pounds when I held her yesterday. She has the smallest head and the cutest little perfect nose just like her Mom Tanya and Sister Jacqueline. Look at her head in the nook of my arm to get an idea of how small she really is. Hilarious. She also has a full head of dark hair! She was quiet as a church mouse and never made a peep until the NP from Pediatrics came in and started bugging her. And even then, she didn't cried. Just grunted. She is a doll and I wanted to stick her in my diaper bag and take her home. ;)

Katelyn is actually a good sized baby! She is so fair and has hints of blonde eyebrows and blonde hair, just like her gorgeous Momma Danielle and big brother Daniel. She slept through my kids getting disciplined a lot and fighting with each other and only coo'ed and sighed in her sleep like a little angel. Oh she was so cute. As I am holding her in one hand while putting one kid in time out, and helping another kid fix a toy that was stuck, Danielle is all, do you need me to take Katelyn back? I'm all, "no- I got this! I am a professional- lol". She just laughed and said something along the lines of how she will learn how to do that too now that she has two kids. I took some great photos of me and these little babies. Danielle has one on her camera of me and Katelyn and Ryen on the floor, but I didn't have it in time for this post. :(

And now the BEST news of all. I leave for Boston next Tuesday April 27th to go meet my new Niece, Isabella. Her due date is tomorrow and I am hoping she comes any day. I wake up every morning and run to my cell phone to see if there is any updates, but I know this precious baby is coming ANY DAY now! I can not wait for my sister to become a Mom. She has waited a very long time for this, and is the last of my siblings to start this incredible journey of parenthood. I keep fast forwarding in my mind to her and Baby Isabella and trying to imagine them together. I try to envision her and Isabella getting on an airplane and coming out here to visit and splash in the pool with her cousins and Aunt and Uncle. I am already making plans to go home for Isabella's 1st Birthday Party next year and she isn't even here yet. To say I am excited is an understatement...

Just wait till my blog blows up with photos of my little Isa after my trip next week. In the meantime here are more photos of my visits with these besties of mine and their beautiful little Princesses.


The photo above is my favorite! She was sick of me taking her photo and gave me that pouty I am about to cry adorable face! Aww...


  1. OMG! I totally thought this was an announcement that you were having twins!! hahah!

  2. what cute little baby girls!! I love that pouty face!

    BTW, Jill, you look so great!!

  3. Ha ha Casey it was meant to get you to think that! Deceptive I know... and Nina thank you, I have been working my butt off in the gym lately. :)