Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blissful Chaos- August Week 3

I stole this post title from my friend Lisa's blog. I know she wont mind. I just love it. And I cant think of any other way to describe this particular August week for us. Chaos cause we had some water damage in our house over the weekend which had left my house in shambles. So when we woke up on Sunday me and the Girls decided to let Daddy stay in bed (Daddy was very upset and grumpy about the water damage) so we went out to Dunkin Donuts in Cobblestone Gas station/car wash. We had donuts and hot chocolate for breakfast. We watched the cars go through the car wash. They had so much fun getting messy with their chocolate frosted donuts.

We even got some popcorn and then we went to play on the giant indoor playground. They had so much fun. And Ryen finally conquered her fear and climbed into the play structure. Yeah!

And who knew two giant yellow balloons in a backseat and the windows down could elicit to many smiles and giggles and so much chaos from these two.

And this was all just in one morning over breakfast! And you wonder why these posts are so long sometimes. Ha ha!

Blissful cause Jimmy and I had a blissfully fun and much needed get-away to Las Vegas that recharged our batteries and let us blow off some steam. And also blissful cause we really did miss our babies and were happy to get back to them. We picked up Ella from school on Wed at 2pm and she was so excited to see us, she ran across the school, yelled Mommy and LEAPED into my arms! It was awesome. Ryen was just as happy to see us when we got home. They had a great time with Adrianna, but seriously seemed to change so much in those three days. Ryen was talking in more complete sentences and Ella's voice had changed (and hasn't gone back still so we think it is permanent). All the fans/driers were out of our house and the plumbers had come and capped off the broken pipe and re-routed it through the wall. So all was well in the Carilli house.

On Thursday we went over our friend Danielle's house for our weekly Thurs playdate. The kids had a blast running around and playing as usual.

Nana and Grandpa had sent a care package to the girls while were in Vegas and they waited patiently for us to get home so they could open it. There were crayons and activity books and a gap skirt for each of them in their as well as some other goodies. They were super excited to play with... THE BUBBLE WRAP. Don't get me wrong, they loved everything in the box. Ella wont stop wearing the darn skirt (like everyday) and her and Ryen have made great use of the crayons and books. But the bubble wrap was a hit. Here they are jumping on it and popping it. Who knew?? LOL

Thursday night after the kiddos were in bed, I headed to my friend Lisa's house to start making some yummy treats for a Baby Shower we were hosting for our friend Susan that Saturday. It was fun! Friday I put both kids in school and it was pretty much all day Baby Shower prep over at Lisa's. And Saturday was the BIG day! We had so much fun throwing this shower. And got to be really creative and crafty together. Here are the results of the hardwork of myself, Lisa, Susan's Mom Jenny, Adrianna, and Krystal!

Susan loved the shower and everyone seemed to love the theme and decorations. The best part was the "POP" treats table which had so many different kinds of yummy treats. Everyone got a treat bag to take some goodies home with them. yum yum! :)

PS: forgot to mention that on Friday while I was setting up for Baby Shower at Lisa's Jimmy attempted a load of laundry only to realize the plumber did not hook the laundry back up correctly when re-routing the pipe. So we had all new water damage (more and worse this time) AND all the fans and driers had to come back out for the entire weekend AGAIN!!!

Sunday after the Shower we hunkered down for some much needed family time. We spent the day playing by the pool. Here are my girls devouring some Marshmallow Pops (left over from the shower) after a long day of swimming.

Ha ha... sprinkles stuck to her bum! Couldn't help myself.

And here is Ella being a goofball before bedtime with her princess nightgown. I seriously cant look at this photo without thinking "Son... you got a panty on your head". Cam you name what movie that's from?

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