Sunday, September 12, 2010

Labor Day 2010

Labor Day we were invited over our friends, The Glowackas', house for a small BBQ. Their friends Lehoua and Glenn were up from Tucson with two of their kids and we would be meeting them for the first time pretty much. We had a great time.

Here is the condensed version of our Labor Day fun: Yummy food, Sangria, swimming, Sangria, good conversation, Sangria, a lot of playful teasing and sarcasm, Sangria, kids played well, Sangria, bath for the kids, Shit we're out of Sangria, football for the guys, Vodka will do, Little girls (who already had bedtime baths) skinny dipping, Hmmm... I wonder what Fuze mixed with Vodka will taste like- yum, little girls peeing standing up like their brothers, Vodka Fuze drinks, Mamarazzi drunk and snapping photos, hubbys' annoyed that the wives are getting drunk in the pool and trying to stick them with the kids..., wait is that poop on the pool deck??, more Vodka Fuze Drinks, me blowing past my Children's bedtimes in order to stay out later, Jimmy stepping in and being the responsible parent to drag us out of there finally. Me hungover next day... Ahhh, My kind of Labor Day! LMAO

And let the drunken photos begin (ha ha):

And super saggy diaper baby made an appearance...

I hope you all had a Happy Labor Day also! Thanks Glowackas!

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  1. ...and then they found the moms at the bottom of the pool cuz they passed out and couldn't swim! This post totally cracked me up, the way you described the scenes of the day, lol. I guess we will know where to find you next year!