Friday, November 19, 2010

Ella's Birthday at the Zoo and Peter Piper Pizza!

Ella turned 4 on November 2nd and we celebrated by spending the afternoon at the Zoo with our friends Trish, Leo and Summer. I forgot the memory card in my camera (SO MAD) so I had to resort to my cell phone for photos. ugh! But we did take some photos on the way in. The group photo on the left makes me laugh for so many reasons. I love Summer's pose and Ella's Ballerina tutu she decided to wear buon her special day, but I have NO idea why I am holding Ryen's head like a watermelon in a vice-grip! WTH???

A few kids commented on Ella's ballerina outfit, and we told them it was her birthday and she was a ballerina princess for a day. And she sure was!

And seriously, it is wonderful when one of my friends goes out of her way for me, like agreeing to meet me at the zoo on the spur of the moment to celebrate my baby girl's birthday. But words can not even describe the way your heart bursts with love when this friend goes out of her way to be so loving towards my daughter too. She literally trekked through the parking lot with 4-5 beautiful happy birthday balloons tethered to her stroller. Not only that but she bought Ella a purse and had the BEST idea to put a disposable camera inside that Ella could use to take photos at the zoo to remember her special day! (Genius!) AND she brought cupcakes for all the kids to sing Happy Birthday.

Here is Ella with her camera (which she would not let anyone take from her) and her cupcakes!

Seriously, Trish and her kids, Summer and Leo, are so special to me and her selflessness, thoughtfulness and big heart are just some of the reasons why. I love her and can't thank her enough for making Ella's day so special. xoxoxoxo

I just love these photos of the girls coming down the "rock slide" in the cave

and oh my gosh! These two STRUTTED their stuff like they owned the place. And you know what? For that day, Ella's day... they did own it! And that was just fine by me. Strut your stuff girls.

But the fun didn't stop there! We went home to meet up with Daddy and we took Ella to one of her favorite places for dinner.... Peter Piper Pizza!

We played games:

ate pizza for dinner:

sang Happy Birthday:

And let both girls get a turn to blow out the candle:

She left with a lot of goodies from the ticket counter too!

Then on the 4th we took her for her 4 yr well check. I can't believe she only goes once a year. I used to LOVE well checks when they were babies.

She was so excited to get on the scale and to get measured to see how "big" she had gotten.

and my perfect baby was in perfect symmetry... 43" tall and 43 pounds. :)

Overall my beautiful Bella had a wonderful birthday!


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