Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Our friends Steve and Lisa Glowacka adopted the "family-less" Carilli family for Thanksgiving this year, since we have no family here in Arizona. Our kids were excited to spend the day playing with "Medicine and Wiley" as Ryen likes to call them (Madison and Riley are their real names of course! ha ha) And I was excited to get my hands on Baby Landon, who I haven't snuggled with in a while. :)

When we arrived the set up was so cute and so cozy! Lisa had the dining room set all beautiful for the four of us.

The place settings were beautiful as were the candles.

She even made little pine cone place holders for everyone.

Lisa also set up a kids table next to it for our four littles. Colorable placemats for the kids, skittles goodybag for dessert and little mayflower paper boats at each kids seat. How cute is she? Even if we did appreciate the kids table more than the kids did, it was still adorable.

We had a long wait for dinner and my kids were hungry and ansy cause they ate an early lunch. So they found ways of keeping busy. They played "dinner party", colored, played with babies, and Ryen's personal favorite of up and down- up and down on the stairs! LOL

We unfortunately had a Turkey that did NOT want to cooperate in the deep fryer. I swear that Turkey cooked for over an hour the first time, and wasn't ready. Went back in the deep fryer for another 25 minutes and still wasn't ready. It was the turkey that didn't want to cook! LOL. But we had a wonderful assortment of side dishes to choose from and very hungry children. So we got to business "gobbling" up mashed potatoes, squash, green bean casserole, YUMMY stuffing, carrots and rolls! And since I don't really eat turkey, I wasn't really missing anything. All we needed was some Chinese waiters singing "Fa-ra-ra-ra-ra Ra-ra-ra-ra" and the setting would have been complete. LOL

Jimmy on the other hand, looks forward to Thanksgiving dinner more than any other meal any other day of the year. So he was having a harder time accepting Turkey defeat. But I promised to go to the grocery store today and get a turkey and roast it this Sunday! :) And The Glowacka Family is more than welcome to join us for Thanksgiving Part 2, complete with a Roasted Turkey this time. (as long as they bring little Love Bug!!)

In the end, I was too busy being thankful for what we did have to miss the turkey. We had such an abundance of good fortune around us, and good friends and healthy kids, and more food then we could even eat, and beautiful cheesecake, pie, and turkey cookies, and laughter amongst the humbleness and humility of our Turkey disaster. And there was always football too. And speaking of those yummy goodies:

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. This was certainly one, we wont forget for awhile. ;)

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