Thursday, November 25, 2010

Storytime Reminiscing

Bad Mommy alert. I recently took Ryen to her FIRST storytime at the library. And she is 2! I remember having Ella in storytime before she was even 1. But with Ella in school three days a week I finally have time to do younger activities with Ryen, that Ella is too big for. I was excited to take her! So off to the library we went.

Ryen was SO shy at first! She sat in my lap and would not move. She wouldn't clap or sing, or play. She just wrapped my arms around her and hugged me tight and sat and watched. And observed... and took it all in.

After a while I got her to warm up enough to do some "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" with me. She loves that song anyhow.

And she did the Itsy Bitsy Spider...

And although she wanted NO part of going up to the front to get her jingle bell out of the box, she let Mommy go up and get one for her and she even jingled it on cue! ;)

and then came the favorite part for most of the kids. The Bubbles!! They walk around and blow enough sticky bubbles to pretty much fill up the whole room. Ryen is a bubble junky so I knew she would love it. And she did!

And watching her smile and giggle and run around and pop bubbles and catch them on her finger, made me smile inside reminiscing that Ella used to do the same thing at these storytimes, that seem so long ago. I was reminded of how fleeting my time at home with these babies is.

And Ella is asking to go to school five days a week, and we are seriously considering this for January. Which means December would be my last month home with her, before she is in school M-F 9-2. I am having a very hard time letting go and dealing with this. But maybe it will be good practice for me since starting at the end of July next year she will be gone for Kindergarten M-F 8:05-3:30. I have to keep telling myself that them getting older may close the door on some things (like storytimes and playdates and park picnics) but that it opens doors to other adventures too that may be just as rewarding...

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