Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween was Boo-tiful! 2010

Halloween is always a busy time for us. Between pre-school, playgroups, neighbors etc there is always a lot going on and this year was no exception. First we had a playdate with some friends and the kids decorated ghost and pumpkin shaped Halloween cookies. Thanks to Super-Mom Trish and her super baking skills. :)

Then on the Friday before Halloween Ella had a Halloween Party at school. They're was gonna be apple bobbing, face painting, crafts, snacks etc. She was really excited! I didn't want her to wear her costume for Halloween cause I knew she would get it ruined. So she wore a new Princess dress Nana gave her for her birthday with a crown instead. She was so excited and looked so cute.

Here is a pic of all the cuties at her school. (I wish I could've stayed and taken pics throughout the morning but I had Ryen and we had our own party to get to...)

Ryen and I headed to the 3rd annual Halloween Party with our NDM Playgroup (NDM= No Drama Mamas by the way) Our friend Jessica hosted last minute when our original hostess had a family emergency. She was super excited and went all out for us. She had a cute game, a craft for the kids, adorable snacks etc. It really was a great party. Ryen was in her Halloween outfit and looking as beautiful as ever in the car on the way there.

And check out these pics of the cool stuff we had at our party!

And as part of our tradition, we had all the kids get together for a photo!

We had a blast! The next day we made over 100 cake pops for our 4th annual Cooper Corners East Halloween Block party with the neighbors. This thing has grown so much over the years and this year we had close to 100 people there!! It was very chaotic at times and hard to keep track of all the kids who were whizzing around on bikes, scooters etc. But for the most part collisions and injuries could have been a lot worse. Next year though we will definitely be petitioning the City for the Block Party barricades and officially block off the street to cars. :)

Here are my cuties in their costumes:

Here are some other cuties from the neighborhood in their costumes...

The girls played for hours with all sorts of toys out front

My pumpkins were a big hit :)

And we got a great family photo to remember the evening. :)

The next night it was back in our costumes again for trick or treating fun. Yay we are ready!!

Me and my babies ready to go!!

A beautiful Arizona dusk means its time to get started!!

We met up with our friends The Palevskys again this year. They were the Phinneas and Ferb clan and just in case the name tags didn't tell you they all carried around their matching dolls too! (they crack me up! and I LOVE their Halloween Spirit. I am so dressing up next year!)

Mommy and Ryen:

Ella and her friend Hudson:

Seriously how creepy is this guy?? He was riding around saying "do you want to play a game" EEK!!

More Trick or Treating Fun!

PS again this year, our kids asked for candy maybe once before forgetting all about it. It is sitting in the pantry in a pumpkin and they don't even remember we have it. Which is FINE with me... :)

Happy Halloween and see you next year!!!

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  1. They are so cute, Ella looks so old in these pictures. I love the tights. Best witch costume ever! Ryen looked really cute in her mini mouse costume too.