Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Fourth Birthday my Bella...

I can't believe it has been four years already since we started this crazy ride of parenting. And what a crazy ride it has been. Especially with you Ella. Happy Fourth Birthday Baby. I find it funny that you think you are already four and are telling everyone who asks that you are turning 5 tomorrow. I am not surprised cause ever since you were 18 mos people have always thought you were older than you are. Partly because you have always been taller than kids who are 2 yrs older than you and because you started walking at 9.5 mos and talking at 15 mos. You are in such a rush to grow up (just like your Momma was when she was little). Now I understand why I used to frustrate my Dad so much and he would always tell me I was 5 going on 15, 8 going on 18 etc. I get it... ;)

You are so bright. You amaze us everyday with all the things you are learning. You are creative. You love to draw and paint and color and make things. You love to play dress up and wear make up. You love anything colorful, glittery, sparkly, or PURPLE. You love to be with your friends. You love books. You LOVE school! You are learning to read and write and you get so excited when you show us how you can write your ABC's. You love playing with friends, and you are a nice friend. You are sweet by nature and outside of the typical phases all kids go through of not sharing etc. you really don't have a mean bone in your body (except when it comes to your sister- ha ha!) You can be very sensitive and can often think people are making fun of you when they are not. Just raising our voice at you or someone saying the wrong thing can hurt your feelings so bad you will burst into tears.

You love to push boundaries and test Mommy and Daddy a lot. Partly because you are so smart and you can manipulate situations to get what you want. Mommy and Daddy are playing catch up and are learning your tricks though! :) You certainly keep us on our toes. You love the beach. You love cats and dogs. You love stickers, tattoos and face painting. You love video games, playing on my computer, and amusement parks with rides. You love swimming and riding your bike. You love playing the piano and you LOVE to sing and dance. You also love to have your picture taken and love to perform for people. You love to travel and go on airplanes and you LOVE our trips to Boston to Nana and Grandpa's house. But you LOVE our trips to California too!

You are a pretty cool kid El, I have to admit. :) I could go on and on and on about you baby girl. But before I leave you with your birthday ABC's I will leave you with this. You just started doing this new thing where whenever you get something you really like, even if it is something small like sprite, you get all excited and jump up and down and clap before exclaiming "you are the best Mommy ever" and you hug me real tight and wrap your arms around my neck! It is really so flippin' cute and is almost as cute as when you told me a few months ago that you love me "to the moon and back and over the rainbow with all the glitter and all the stickers in the whole world". I don't think a four yr old can love any harder than that.

If you only knew that I love you so much it hurts me sometimes. You fascinate me, frustrate me, love me, push me, teach me and test me everyday of my life since you entered it. And I know you are destined for greatness girl. I feel it in my soul. I love you!

Ella as you are today at FOUR:

A- artistic
B- bright
C- challenging
D- dancer
E- energetic
F- funny
G- grumpy (at times) ;)
H- hasty
I- impatient
J- jaunty
K- kind
L- loveable
M- maddening(at times) :)
N- not a good listener (lately!!) hello FOUR ;)
O- obsessive compulsive
Q- queen
R- ridiculous
S- sassy
T- talkative
U- unique
V- vivacious
W- wondrous
X- xcitable (I cheated)
Y- young
Z- zealous

"...now you know your Abc's let's hope four is a better age than three..."

ha ha just kidding!

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