Monday, November 1, 2010

Vertuccio Farms (for the THIRD time!) LOL

My friend Jessica came across this Farm in Gilbert that had a lot of fun Fall activities for the kids. I was so glad to give it a try cause quite frankly I am SO over Mother Nature's Farm. They charge for parents and all kids over 1 to get in. They have a horrific bee problem and short of feeding some animals some pumpkins and taking a hay ride through their junk yard, I am basically paying for them to jump in a bounce house and to stick stickers on a pumpkin. So Ryen and I went with some friends to Vertuccios Farm . WE HAD A BLAST!! The kids did almost everything (except the corn maze) and they LOVED it!

I love this photo of me and my Ry Bunny in the Pumpkin patch.

We rode tractor bikes and a cow train

we played some games

Ryen bounced :)

ran through the hay maze with her friend Lizzy

and got silly with some swings, sunflowers and scarecrows.

We had a great time... good in fact that the next day I went back again, this time with some neighbors. We mostly hung with our friends The Dowdys who are visiting from Singapore. We were supposed to go to the zoo but switched to the farm instead. This time Ella was able to go, so it was great!

Cow train:

Ella playing a game

Bounce time fun!

Ella "milking" a cow! :)

Tractor bikes

The 10 acre corn maze (too hot, too big and too hard with strollers!)

Face in the hole :)

Ella was really happy she was able to go

Ryen was really happy we found some pigs cause that was all she wanted to see for some reason! LMAO

And I was happy my girls got to have some special fun TOGETHER :)

And then, when the playgroup Moms heard how much FUN we had at the farm earlier in the week, they all decided we should have another playdate there, this time with better turn out. So we went back AGAIN for the THIRD time! LOL. Oh well, the

This time they were both brave enough to ride solo and I didn't even get on at all:

They love seeing the goats, pigs, chickens, etc.

And we played on the swings again.

And some of you may remember my post about Swings. But I seriously do love them. I even hopped on one at the farm and got a few good swings without kids and a fireman even joined me on the one next to me. He said he forgot how fun they were too! LOL. But there is nothing more spiritual or calming then leaning back and looking up at the clouds and soaring towards them. Well... here it kind of feels like this ;)

Swinging and sliding... nothing better... :)

Diva at the Farm...

Ella runs the hay maze with friends while Ryen tries to "milk" to the cow.

All the kids in the pumpkin patch

Ella cheering up her friend Kendall

My babies

After a bunch of us took the kids for a fun filled lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. Look at these big girls sitting by themselves! :)

Yeah for Fall. Now let's bring on Winter and Christmas! LOL


  1. Wow!!! 3 times!!! Thank you so much for coming! We truly appreciate it and can't thank you enough for telling your friends! We are so glad you had a good time! THANK YOU!!!!

    --Vertuccio Farms

  2. Jill, how or where do you find out about all these kiddie freebies fun stuff to do around town? I need to make a list of all these places! I'm pregnant with my first and only living down here 2 years, I'll be needing ideas of things to do!