Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Olivia... Olivia.... O-LIVVV-IIIII-AAAAA" :)

After my half marathon last Sunday Ella and I went straight to Brilliant Sky Toys and Books in Chandler to meet OLIVIA from Nickelodeon. We had story time, gave her some hugs and played with friends. Thanks to our friend Tanya for telling me about it. :)

Story Time:

Ella loved it as you can see. ;)

Hugs for Olivia

Then hugs for a Frosty we found too

And before we left Ella just had to show her a pig stuffed animal she found in the store. lol!!


  1. OH seriously?? Kassidy would have wanted to go in a heartbeat. I will have to show her these and tell you what she says, lol. How do people find out about this cool stuff that the kids would just love? It's so fun that you bring your girls to these, they will always remember these fun times :)

  2. Lisa this toy/bookstore is known for having tons of great events throughout the year. This past weekend they had two one of which was a pajama party and the other was a messy paint project. And you never have to buy anything and they are generous with letting the kids play with their toys. BUT they have hard to find/unique toys AND great prices for a small store. You can like their facebook page and check out their posts from time to time about their upcoming events. The page is xoxox