Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Horsey bite my finger"

I have been trying to do fun things with Ryen lately on the days that Ella is in school, so she gets special Mommy and Ryen time. Recently I took her to Marley Farms TWICE. She loves it there.

Oh hello there... ;)

Ryen loved feeding the animals:

Until she started screaming cause a horsey nibbled her finger. This was two weeks ago and I swear she still tells me Mommy "horsey bite my finger... kiss it!!" She is milking it. :) But they are cute horseys and they didn't mean it. :)

And then we got to pose with a camel. A HUGE camel!

And I literally said, please dont swing your neck and bonk me in the head and sure enough a moment later...

but after a stern talking to and an apology we kissed and made up :)

And we saw a giant tortoise and some talking parrots too. :)

I highly recommend this place for a fun time. It is only a couple dollars admission and an optional $3 bag of feed for the animals. It is a great way to kill a couple hours during the day. And all the money goes to rescued animals on the farm.

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