Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Miscellaneous Mischief

Recently I took Ella to her first pedicure. Just some special Ella and Mommy time. I was a little nervous she would splash her feet in the tub or get water all over the girl doing her nails, but she didn't. She just sat there and watched the whole time. They have this cute kid size chair with a fairy on the seat. And it was PURPLE and Ella loved it of course. Here are some pictures.

She also giggled like crazy when the woman scrubbed the bottoms of her feet. See the video clip below:

We also enjoyed one last swim in the pool before all the heavy rains and cooler weather came and made the pool too cold. :(

Speaking of rain... nothing like an Arizona rainstorm. I swear this must be where the term "when it rains it pours" was invented! lol Check out these shots of the sideways rain. You can definitely see how fast and hard it is coming down in the shots of the rain hitting my pool. Crazy huh!?

Ryen and I went bouncing with some friends recently. (her new obsession!)

And sometimes I cant help but squeeze her tight, close my eyes and smile from ear to ear at how lucky I am that she is mine, and that she loves me as much as she does. My friend Danielle just happened to catch that moment :)

Both girls had dentist appts. Ella is an old pro by now, but Ryen had her first. I had to hold her during her appt so I have no pics of her with the dentist, only pics of her playing in the office first. And all the dental staff loved Ella's dance outfit and boots. LOL Good news is NO cavities for either kid and Ryen has her all four of her 2yr molars coming in at once.

We had our friends Hudson and Sawyer (who are home on Fall break) and Tanner and Paige (who are home from SINGAPORE for a visit) over to play along with their friend Gage. The kids were SILLY and crazy the entire time. I got a glimpse of what it is like to have boys! LOL. Their favorite part was jumping on Ella's bed. Which a lot of kids like about coming over to Ella's house cause Ella's Mommy let's them do it!! :)

We went to Peter Piper Pizza with some friends.

We have finally been able to start going to the park again, and the girls LOVE it!! Ryen asks everyday if she can go play in sand.

Later that same day I took the girls to the opening day of Chandler's Farmers Market. They have live music every other Thursday and this night was one of them. My girls who LOVE to dance just couldn't listen to the musicians without putting on a performance of their own. :)

We have had lots of trips to the petting zoos and farms lately to take advantage of this "cooler" weather. I use the term very loosely since 86-90 is NOT October weather for us normally, but it is better then triple digits which we still had at the start of this month! UGH! Stay tuned for lots of fun pics!

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