Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mom's Night of Drunken Debauchery

So what normally is a happy hour visit with my Mom friends turned practically into an all nighter for this Mom who is usually in bed by 10:30 unless I am up late blogging. ;) First me and some girls went to The Living Room in Chandler for Happy Hour to celebrate our friend Keely's birthday. We had some yummy food and drinks (mmmm chocolate martini) and snapped a photo... (of course).

Then we decided there needed to be a dance floor at The Living Room since their "DJ" (if you could call him that), was actually playing some decent tunes. But when my friends asked why there wasn't a decent dance floor the guy responded, this is a "wine bar". Point noted. So out the door and up the road to The Sand Bar is where we headed. From there it was dirty named shots and beers...

... add hip hop music, a dance floor and 10 Mom's blowing off steam and you got yourself a party!! Mommas got their grooves back... LOL

We had a blast and of course we went nuts and a little silly at times with the camera! I am so glad I am not the only one who loves having the camera out to capture these moments. In fact as you can tell from the fact that I am actually IN some of these photos my friends had a good time taking turns snapping photos too. :)

PS Sorry some of the pics are blurry, we tried to take many without flash and we kept messing with the settings.

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