Friday, October 22, 2010

Ryen's Birthday Fun!

We had a few friends over for a morning playdate to celebrate Ryen's 2nd birthday which was October 3rd. She was all decked out in her Happy Birthday outfit with matching tutu!

Mommy baked Bunny cupcakes in honor of our little bunny!!

Check out what happened when she was left unsupervised with a bowl of mini oreos. She gave herself a chocolate goatee!!

Which was OH SO KISSABLE!!! :)

Thanks to Jessica, Adriana, Nina and Carina for making it over to celebrate on my baby's big day. (PS: ok totally random but just realized all four of these ladies names end in a... weird huh????)

We celebrated Ryen's birthday at home too with presents and cupcakes on her actual birthday which was Sunday the 3rd.

The girls decorated one cupcake each and then we sang Happy Birthday to Ryen.

Ella ate her cupcake but Ryen refused to even take a bite. Oh well. Ha ha.

Happy SECOND Birthday Ryen! :)

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