Saturday, January 1, 2011

52 Books in 52 weeks Update

As some of you know I took on a huge challenge in 2010. To read 52 books in 52 weeks. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun! One of my favorite quotes has always been "shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you will land among the stars." I knew it was a lofty goal to hit 52 books. And I didn't think I would. But I knew just by trying I would accomplish something big, which was making more time for something I love, which is reading. And I did just that. So I am completely ok with saying I did NOT complete my goal of reading 52 books this year. Yes I failed. But I came close enough!!! I am halfway through book #49 right now!!! 48 1/2 books read!! Yay!! (But if you count Pinkalicious, Fancy Nancy and Purplelicious to the list which I read to Ella for the first time this year along with hundreds of other children's books I would venture to say I could TECHNICALLY say I read well past 52, ha ha)

In 2011 I am focusing on reading the classics, thanks to a neighbor Brandon, whose Mom signed up for this book collection called Great Books of the 20th Century. The book collection is AMAZING! I am talking Moby Dick, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, The Three Musketeers, Don Quixote, etc. The first time I ever saw the book shelf with these books my jaw hit the floor. You should SEE these books. Not only are they some of the most revered and critically acclaimed books of all time, but they are collectors editions. Hard covers with beautiful detail and Gold accents. With Gold lined pages and bookmarks sewn into the seam. They are beautiful to even touch and I cant wait to read them. See for yourself...

This might sounds strange since I can probably check them out of the library, but something about reading THIS collection, and THESE beautiful hard covers that his Mother loved and took the time to collect during her lifetime, well, I am in a word honored. And I think Brandon is happy that I am so taken by them and will be able to enjoy these treasures that his Mother spent so much time and what I can only assume is a lot of money to collect, for herself and to pass on to her family. So I am starting with the biggest one on the shelf... Gone With The Wind. :)

I don't know how many of these books I will get through this year, since some of them are as thick as the Bible itself. But I know it will be worth it just to try to read a few of them. Thanks Brandon. :)

Oh and for those who are curious... here is the list of books I did read in 2010... I put astericks next to my favorites!

1. Marked (fin 1/8/10)

2. Harry potter 1 (fin 1/4/10) *

3. Harry potter 2 (fin 1/10/10) *

4. Something borrowed (fin 1/19/10)

5. The Accidental Billionaires (fin 1/20/10)

6. Harry Potter 3 (fin 1/24/10) *

7. Life Laughs (fin 1/24/10)

8. Betrayed (fin 1/27/10)

9. LA Candy (fin 1/28/10)

10. Chosen (fin 1/30/10)

11. Harry Potter 4 (fin 2/4/10) *

12. Storm of Visions (fin 2/8/10)

13. Untamed (fin 2/10/10)

14. Whistling Dixie in a Nor'easter (2/13/10)

15. Half Broke Horses (2/16/10) *

16. Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood (2/18/10)

17. Ana's Story (2/19/10)

18. My Sister's Keeper (2/22/10)

19. Setting Limits for your Strong Willed Child (2/23/10)

20. Three Cups of Tea (3/14/10) *

21. Power of 10 (3/20/10)

22. The Hour I First Believed (4/22/10)

23. Hunted (5/15/10)

24. Life of Pi (5/20/10)

25. Tempted (5/25/10)

26. Burned (5/31/10)

27. Sweet Little Lies (6/2/10)

28. The Help (6/8/10) *

29. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner (6/15/10)

30. Eclipse (6/18/10) *

31. Blue Bloods (6/24/10)

32. Masquerade (7/6/10)

33. Revelations (7/14/10)

34. The 19th Wife (7/29/10)

35. The Van Allen Legacy (8/3/10)

36. Water For Elephants (8/17/10) *

37. Divinely Designed (8/30/10)

38. Angelina (9/28/10)

39. Hunger Games (10/4/10) *

40. Chasing Fire (10/14/10) *

41. Mockingjay (10/30/10) *

42. Lock and Key (11/5/10)

43. My Summer of Southern Discomfort (11/9/10)

44. That Summer (11/15/10)

45. Misguided Angel (12/24/10)

46. Setting Limits for your Strong Willed Child (12/27/10)

47. Bloody Valentine (12/28/10)

48. Uglies (12/30/10)

49. Sugar and Spice (half way done)


  1. Wow! I joined librarything dot com and thought I'd read 75. ha! I made it to 30, and I am still pretty proud. This year I think I will aim for 50 and see how that goes. You seem to have very similar tastes in literature. As a middle school teacher I enjoy adolescent lit, and well as Mary Kay Andrews, Emily Giffin, etc.
    Congrats! It's hard finding time to read when you're a mommy.

    Happy New Year!


  2. Loving the new blog design and your pictures. The books are great too I guess lol.

  3. I just happened upon your blog through kelle's blog today! I love it:) Your 52 books is an amazing goal. I love to read, and I don't know if I could accomplish that!! Gone with the Wind was my favorite book that I have ever read. Please let us know what you think!!

  4. Thanks Clare! I am on page 80 of Gone With The Wind (I have no idea what it is about and have never seen the movie either. The only thing I knew was the name Scarlett O'Hara.) Even though I still have 957 pages to go, I am LOVING it so far! :)