Monday, January 31, 2011

Nana comes to visit... (aka the post with a ton of photos)

The highlight of our month of January was Nana coming to visit us! Due to a snowstorm in Boston she got to fly out to us a day earlier than expected and we got extra time with her. The first few days she was here we just spend hugging on her, cuddling with her, playing with her, and probably overwhelming her. We didn't do much other than love these first first days and I only picked up my camera once and that was when we baked heart shaped brownies with her :)

Then we decided to go nuts and we crammed a bunch of stuff into a few short days. First when Ella got home from school on Friday we took the girls to Freestone Park in Gilbert for some playtime. They were obsessed with the rides and went on them a TON of times!



The poor guy at the Ferris Wheel pretty much just kept it running for like 10 minutes straight cause they were the only kids riding it and he got sick of letting them back on every time the ride was over and they got off, lol.

Ferris Wheel

We played around and had some fun!

We also had them burn off some energy heading over to the playground for awhile.

Ryen even enjoyed her first tire swing with her big Sis. She loved it! :)

I love how Ryen is throwing her head back and laughing in these pics. (sigh) All told, the girls had a great time and they LOVED having their Nana there.

After Freestone we stopped at San Tan Village for Grimaldi's Pizza and some playing at the kids area. The only pic I have is Ryen messing with Nana during dinner at Grimaldi's.

By the time we got home the kids were wiped!! My mom and I had some wine and a scrabble marathon the rest of the night :)

On Saturday we were off to the Flea Markets in Mesa. We had never been before and thought we would check it out. The kids had fun poking around at stuff and they especially loved trying on the cheap sunglasses and hats (and don't ask me why they are both posing like gangstas in that one picture cause I swear I didn't ask them to, lol)!

After the flea markets we took them to Chuck E Cheese for some fun!

And as if we didn't do enough this day, after Chuck E Cheese we decided to take them to dinner at a Pizza Buffet. :) The girls were so good despite being out all day, and they were loving on Nana like crazy at dinner. (sigh)

On Sunday we didn't do much at all. The girls were tired and Nana had an old eye injury that was bothering her again, so I took her to Urgent Care. We just rested and relaxed. We did however sing "Thanks for Visiting Us Nana" in the tune of "Happy Birthday To You" and we served cupcakes and Nana blew out a candle. LOL

My big brown eyed girl waiting patiently for her cupcake and Ella diving in. :)

My Mom and me continued with our Wine and Scrabble Marathon that evening. On Monday Morning it was time to say our goodbyes. Ella was headed to school and Nana was headed to the airport.

Thanks Nana!! As you can see by the picture below, we had a great time being silly and playing with you, and cant wait to visit you at your house in June. Get the scrabble and wine ready ;)

xo, The Carilli Girls :)

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