Saturday, February 5, 2011

Superheroes like to party with Princesses :)

Today we went to a birthday party for our friends Dominick and Brooklyn. Dominick turned 4 and Brooklyn turned 2 in February. So their Mom had a joint birthday party for them with Superheroes theme for Dom and Princesses for Brookie.

Ella and Ryen were so excited to get dressed up. Especially Ella who asked for fill makeup and curls in here hair. :)

Carina has this great big backyard and set it up with a Spiderman bounce house, some games for the kids to play, and prize table where they could redeem tickets they won playing games, for prizes to take home.

She also had a cotton candy machine :)

We came inside for lunch, cake and playtime!

Then we came back outside for some bounce house fun.

And Ryen developed a little crush on Dominick and Brooklyn's older brother John. She followed him around the house and backyard for the last few hours of the party. It was hilarious! And very cute since Dominick has a big crush on Ella and calls her his girlfriend or wife :)

This was the longest birthday party ever by the way. Me, Sue, Michella and our kids were still at Carina's house approaching 6pm for a party that started 11am! But the kids were being so good and having so much fun, and we thought, why end it all if they are having fun. And although we asked 100 times if Carina wanted us out so she could clean up or rest, she just kept saying no, she wanted Brookie and Dominick to enjoy their friends, and the bounce house and the decorations and their friends for as long as they wanted. :) So we obliged. And we had SUCH a great time! ;)

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