Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sea Life Aquarium with our friends The Wilbrichts :)

Sorry we have been MIA on the blog lately. This has been a crazy two months. First I went to work for the bootcamp that I love working out with it. I was working out with them two days a week and working for them two days a week. It was only an hour every day but it was right in between Ella leaving for school and Ryen napping, so it did eat up my entire morning. This was a hard adjustment :) And I was trying to get caught up on the blog when the kids got very sick (Ella had pneumonia for all of Spring Break). On top of that I am busy finalizing the details and planning of my 16yr high school reunion. So expect a lot of posts as we try to get caught up again. Hopefully everyone stays healthy ;)

I recently bought a Groupon for Sea Life Aquarium here in Tempe. To be honest, I am not a fan of Sea Life. It is small, there are not a ton of cool fish, and you can walk through the entire thing in 30 minutes if you don't stop to take a ton of photos. For $18 per adult and $11 per kid over 3 it hardly seems worth it. Ryen is still free however and the Groupon got me two adult tickets for the price of 1. So towards the end of February my friend Brooke and I went for some fun with fishies!! :)

Here are some pics that we took:

I love how this photo turned out. Brooke took a photo with flash a split second before I did and it got this amazingly cool lighting effect.

Reese and Ryen were definitely afraid to walk on this glass floor that looked like they were walking on water. But they warmed up eventually :)

Ryen and Eli posing with some colorful corals :)

We love bubble tanks!! :)

Hi Gorgeous!

Dancing on the interactive fish pond floor on the way out.

We had a great time and enjoyed our fishy friends!

Thanks Wilbrichts for joining us!

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