Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our Crazy Real Sometimes Messy and Unorganized Imperfect Life :)

This is for my friend Jess. Who made my day today. I have been sitting trying to get up the motivation to clean my house. Because I didn't clean it all last week other than tidying up and keeping dishes out of the sink. This week I really need to dust, vacuum, mop and disinfect. But I got caught up in a conversation with a dear friend that I dont talk to often. And I got caught up with my potty training Bunny sitting next to me on her laptop engaging with Dora while I engage with one of my oldest friends on mine. And then I saw Jessica's post. This post is all about how we are good mothers even when we don't have perfect kids or homes. Even when our kids are in jammies till noon, or we have messes in every room that we don't get to, cause we get too caught up in blogging, sewing (her- not me, lol!) or catching up with an old friend. So rather than pretend life is perfect and in order she decided to throw it out there. The real picture of life... and then she asked who else is brave enough to show their life... (ie. REAL life) And she might have well have just said Jill go post some pics. So here goes. Have fun!

My playroom that gets cleaned 6-7 times a day, normally looks like this constantly.

I dont have a dining room table anymore. I have Ella's art station... This is where she colors, cuts of magazines, glues, writes her alphabet and anything else she can think of...

My kitchen island gets everything from purses and keys to shoes and socks thrown on it all day long (the kids shoes not mine, lol) Today there are still crap from Valentine's Day yesterday all over it. Cause watching a ROMEDY with my man last night was more important than figuring out what to do with all this stuff...

And my desk... which is my husbands biggest pet peeve. That is has mail on it from probably before Christmas that I haven't opened yet. Ooooops... Sorry honey, I will get to it I promise...

My bedroom has a corner full of a half finished project. Which was pulling toys out of the playroom and listing on craigslist. Just have to start listing... if I get to it.

And my Master bedroom closet. (my side) which normally looks like this constantly. And my husband BEGS me to take 5-10 minutes to hang up my clothes. But when you already need 25-26 hours a day and you are negative 60 - 120 minutes. It is hard to find those 5-10 minutes. :) (ok not really. Two commercial breaks of The Bachelor and I could have them hung up)

I spared you all the close up shots of the rings in my toilets or the dog hair dust bunnies that are blowing around like tumbleweed when I walk by them and disturb them. :) But anyhow thanks Jessica. I don't feel so bad anymore that I have lost an hour today. There will always be cleaning to do, but not always these precious moments with my baby and conversations with dear friends.

Oh and check out these side by comparisons of my super neat freak husbands side of the sink and mine, and take a guess at how he feels about these messy rooms in our house ;) No pressure! LOL

Mine on left... his on right... 'nuff said. ;)


  1. This is awesome, I love the contrast of Jimmy and you since he is an anal cleaner lol. Thanks for sharing your messy life. I love how everyone has different messes that they will tolerate and other areas that are NEVER a mess.

  2. Oh my gosh. I just read Jessica's post then looked on her sidebar and saw the title of your post and I was just about to write up about my Valentines day which has TONS of photos of messes all over my house! Haha! 3 people that think alike sometimes-dangerous!

  3. I came across your blog and then saw this posting and it could have brought tears to my eyes:) Life is all about those little moments that sometimes us mommas forget to cherish cause of things like cluttered islands and doghair tumbleweeds (I hate those). Thanks for being honest!