Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

My girls love Valentine's Day, because we sort of rock it out a little crazy in our house. But that's ok. :) They get so excited for our surprises and for the Valentine's from their friends and the candy and the parties at school and with playgroups. :) This year was no different.

Here were their Valentine's this year. Ella had two versions cause she wanted one for playgroup and neighborhood friends and a different one for school friends. And they both had to be Hannah Montana (which we couldn't find in the store so I made her some instead) :)

And Ryen's came as a set of four different kinds using picnik :) Love that site.

Our first party was a couple days before Valentines Day, with one of our playgroups, but Ella was in school and Ryen fell asleep in the car as soon as we arrived and missed them passing out valentine's. So it worked out well cause our friends were nice enough to make a bag of Valentine's for Ella too. And since Ryen was asleep when the rest of the kids opened theirs, her and Ella were able to open their Valentine's together later that day when Ella got home from school. As you can see they were excited and even the dogs were trying to get in on the action. :)

Then on Valentine's morning we started our day off with pink frosted donuts with sprinkles :) Next it was off to school for both girls while Jimmy and I snuck off to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch with NO kids :)

I got these cute pink mailboxes awhile back in the dollar section of Target and saved them for Valentine's Day. They were filled with non-candy treasures like stickers, bracelets, bouncy balls etc. The kids were SO excited :) We exchanged Valentine's with our playgroup friends. Ella also exchanged Valentine's with her school friends at their Valentine's party at school. So needless to say here was all the loot on the counter that the girls had to open after school :)

Here they are opening all their goodies from Mommy and Daddy and happy as clams.

But the most special one of all, was extra special and just for Ella. And that was a Valentine made by her "boyfriend" Dominick. He stuck it in her cubby at school. It was waiting for her when I picked her up. (but with how cute she is are you really surprised?? J/K!)

Here was her Valentine's gift from Dom. And his Mom told me he was SO excited picking this stuff out for her. How cute is that??

She even shared the chocolates with Lil' Sis :)

Then she insisted we fix Dominick a special Valentine gift in return. (quite the mannered young lady).

And she insisted I track him down, wherever he was, right then, and deliver it. Which we did. He was playing at a McDonald's not too far from our house with his sister and Mom and we met them there long enough for Ella to drop off his Valentine. She was so excited to give it to him and handed it to him all dramatic and sassy with her hand on her hip (typical girl- LOL)

He was SO excited to see all the stuff she put inside

Valentine's Day Huggies :)

His Mom texted me a little bit later saying he was so happy about the Valentine. He would not put it down at McDonald's and was running around with a Sheriff's badge that was inside. :) Aren't little kids and their first crushes so cute?? Made me smile all day.

Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day :)

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