Monday, February 28, 2011

Hall of Flame Fire Museum with Friends

There was recently a "groupon" for the Hall of Flame Museum and our friend Jess bought it. It got like 10 adults in and most of our kids were free cause they were under the age of 4. What a bargain! It was especially great to be able to meet up with Jessica, Jackson and Lizzy since they were moving to New Mexico soon and Heather and Raiden since they were heading to Mississippi for quite some time. :)

The kids got to start by ringing this huge bell outside.

The museum was real cool. The vintage firetrucks had such a range in what they looked like and materials used, sophistication etc. So cool to see the way they evolved over time. This was my FAVORITE Firetruck. I can't even wrap my head around how old this thing is, but I love that it looks like Cinderella's stagecoach.

And any surprise that the gold slogan blazed across the front resonated with me???

My second favorite thing (cause what fire museum would be complete without a dalmation?) PS Ryen loved it too!

My baby got to see a lot of neat stuff

And all the kids got to climb on one of the firetrucks and play around:

Eli takes his role as firefighter very seriously :)

This kids also got to play dress up :) And Mommy climbed on the firetruck too.

Then we went into the Hall of Heroes, which was a great tribute to Firefighters everywhere. They actually had a list of all the firefighters who ever lost their lives fighting fires. There was a lot of other great stuff in there, some photos of which are included in the collages at the end of the post.

And everyone had to take a turn with the hose of course ;)

And what is a trip to the fire museum without a turn down the poll??

The kids loved it! Then we played some more. :)

Here are some pics of the cool exhibits we saw:

Thanks Jessica, Brooke and Heather for a great afternoon! :)

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