Sunday, February 13, 2011

Girls Ski Weekend- 2011

Every February the girls from my neighborhood go up to Pinetop for a girls skiing weekend. We look forward to it every year. This year was no different. Our tradition is to head up on Friday, have a girls dinner out on Friday night followed by dancing or drinking at one of the local dive bars. This year my friend Lisa drove up with me. I had such a great time talking with her and getting to know her on the drive up. We were having such a good time talking that we missed only 1 turn. But it was the most important turn we missed. We ended up driving about 15-20 minutes past our turn before I realized I think we missed it. So here is the funnies part, we consulted my GPS in the car, GoogleMaps, Mapquest, AND the GPS Navigation on Lisa's phone and got FOUR DIFFERENT sets of directions. We picked one and went with it. And things were going great until we saw this sign...

"This road not maintained for winter travel"

Well this doesn't look too bad...

until the mud hit...

and the road disappeared...

and I officially started crapping my pants, ha ha!

I seriously would have chickened out and turned back. But my co-pilot, was like "psshh- we got this! We can handle this. Ummm by the way you have 4wd right??" So on we went! And we did make it. 6 hours later we arrived in pinetop. About 2 hours later than we anticipated, LOL!!! But we were on MOMCATION and had no where to be, no one waiting for dinner or baths, or bedtime. So yeah... "We got this!!"

Then we got fancied up and ready for our night on the town. Here are all the 2011 Pinetop Babes!

Sexy Mommas! :)

We had dinner at the Red Devil and then went over to The Lions Den, where we were officially the hottest and youngest girls there with all our teeth ;) lol

The next day we hit the slopes early. Lisa and I had a ski lesson together in the morning.

And I really wish someone told me you are not SUPPOSED to tuck your ski pants INTO your boots. I must have looked like a loser ALL DAY!! LOL

I had a great time on the slopes!!

Later that night we had a home cooked meal of Split Pea Soup with Ham and cheesy bread. Then we settled in for a night of lots of wine, good conversation, great women, great friends, and some competitive games of Taboo. It doesn't get much better than that. Love you girls. xoxo See you next year.


  1. Looks like a fun trip! And your friend who thinks she invented the term "momcation" really must be a genius :)

  2. So fun! And I am still loving the pigtails on you. Looks like you are becoming quiet the little ski bunny. Jimmy better be careful you might get caught by a handsome wolf up there looking that hot.