Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Morning Fun & A Sunday Morning Visitor

There is nothing like throwing kids in the car with bedhead, yesterday's braids and cute pajamas early in the morning on a Saturday, to head to Dunkin Donuts for some food and fun.

This Dunkin Donuts is located inside Cobblestone Auto, which has lots of extra stuff. After our breakfast of munchkins and hash browns we headed over to the car wash viewing area. They have this really cool squirt gun that shoots soap on the cars that are going by.

After we headed over to the indoor play structure for some climbing and slides and fun!

And before we leave we always make sure we grab some of their FREE giant smiley face balloons. :)

Then we invited our friend Rachel over for some coloring

And nothing makes a playdate better than Ring Pops. To which our friend Rachel said "this is the most fun day ever", LOL. Geez these kids are easy to please.

The next day a hot air balloon visited our home again. This happens to us all the time and the kids love it.

They love to go outside and run around and chase after it:

It was a good excuse for the kids to get outside for awhile and enjoy the warmer temperatures :)

We played until the balloon flew on to someone else's house to give their kiddos a thrill :)

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  1. Apparently you have the most amazing Dunkin Doughnuts ever! Totally jealous :)