Sunday, June 28, 2009


Christmas Birthdays stink! My twin sister and I had the unfortunate draw of December 28th. Jimmy and I decided awhile back to celebrate my half birthday instead (which is June 28th- TODAY ACTUALLY)!! So yesterday Lori and David watched the kiddos for us so we could head to Phoenix to catch a Diamondbacks game and then hit a bar for some drinks. We had a blast and thanks David and Lori!

Here we are enjoying the game (which they lost):

It was a real cute photo, but of course I wanted more. So I was THAT girl at the ballpark that was holding the camera out taking "self-photos" of Jimmy and I. Don't ask me how but Jimmy seems to have gotten this crazy notion in his head that I take photos to excess (whatever!! LOL) so he decided to be funny and unbeknown to me was making a different face in every photo trying to sabotage my efforts to get the perfect one! >:( I didn't realize until after we had snapped a few and I happened to check my work ;) We were cracking up! Here are the many faces of Jimmy...

He finally cooperated and I got my favorite one to remember the night:

Then today we spent the morning by the pool to combat this 106 degree heatwave! Wheww! The water felt great and this was a great ending to my Half Birthday:

My pose was SO much cooler- ;) (PS- 9 mos on 9 mos off please...)

Later we watched Mackenzie so Adrianna and Gary could see a movie. The kids played well together for the most part, except for about 600 "Mine" "No! Mine"s that we had to listen to. Here are some cute photos of the girls:

All told it was a nice day and it is now 6:45pm and both kids are in bed for the night. Jimmy and I are going to cuddle on the couch and watch a movie. What a great half birthday!


  1. Holy Crap- You look amazing! You are BRAVE for putting up a bikini pic! I could never do that!! Kudos!! Happy 1/2 Birthday!

  2. Thanks Casey. I am trying to take the advice of my sisters and friends and not be so critical. I am not perfect and have my cellulite and my left over pregnancy tummy flab and some meaty thighs I am still looking to tone up- but I am trying to just love me the way I am and keep striving to be better. So by forcing myself to put myself out there I am kind of forcing myself to accept me the way I am... same with my triathlon photos I posted. They were not the most flattering, but I am like whatever. I am 31 with two kids and at least I am trying to do something about it, so oh well! XOXO

  3. I so totally admire you! I think you are doing great- and I love reading your posts and seeing how dedicated you are. Its tough- I have so much help right now- and I fall off the fitness wagon all the time! You look beautiful and the more confidence you have in that- the more beautiful you will be! Anyone can pull off any shape or size if they have the attitude!! XOXO

  4. Happy 1/2 birthday. My mother-in-law was born on Dec 25 so we always celebrate it on June 25. It looks like you and Jimmy had a great and much needed adult time together.

  5. Jill, I have to say that i think your photography is really looking amazing. Those are the pictures I have ever seen of people taking of themselves. seriously, you are so talented!