Tuesday, June 9, 2009

SuperMom couldn't do it without Super Inspiration!

Here is something I saw in an article that really made me stop and think:

You think your life is hard? Imagine being plunked down in a foreign land where you're not fluent in the language, you have to figure out how everything from a doorknob to a toilet works, and you're one-third the height of everyone else. Now you may know how your preschooler feels! Being a preschooler has its stresses. When your child seems overwhelmed, it's a good idea to look at what's going on in his world, slow the pace, HAVE SOME PATIENCE and provide some extra TLC — the same things you like when you're overwhelmed!


So The Adventures of Supermom is the title of my blog not because I think I AM Supermom, but to remind me to continue to strive to be the best Mom I can be. Lately, I have really been evaluating my parenting skills and watching my friends with their kids and I literally am inspired so often to be a better Mom. I love taking bits and pieces from my friends and using it to keep evolving on this long strange trip of parenting, where there is NO instruction manual! Here are some of the Moms who have inspired me in different ways:

Brooke: inspires me to want to slow down a bit. Not always be in such a need or rush to get of the house. Just to breathe. Relax, spend a lazy day at home with the kids, and know that it is OK to do that.

Adrianna: inspires me to want to be stronger/more independent and rely on Jimmy less, since she so often has to go it alone, when Gary is on the road. =(

Michella: inspires me to strive to really grow and cultivate a beautiful and loving relationship between my two girls, like she does. There is nothing like Sisters.

Lori: inspires me to remember to fight for my children, and to never forget that I am their advocate and their voice.

Sue: inspires me to remember that Art and Music are just as important in my children's lives as Math, Language and Science

Tanya: inspires me to get my hands dirty and actually PLAY with my child. Not be in the same room with her while she plays and I read or blog etc. But to really PLAY with her and to really LOVE that time with her while I am lucky enough to have it. One day I will be yelling they never have time for Mom anymore...

Lindsay B: inspires me to try to respect the job I do now, just as much as I respected my jobs in the corporate world, and to realize that although I am not paid in money I am paid in love.

Carina: inspires me to want to have more children and to know it is possible! LOL

Jessica: inspires me to forget about the messes, forget about the spills or the waste of yards of toilet paper strewn all over the house and stop to appreciate the special moments with my children. Messes are cleanable, things are replaceable, but those special moments when you can grab your camera and laugh at your child's adventures (without caring about the clean up or the waste) you cant ever get back if you waste them getting angry...

Pamela: inspires me to not feel guilty about taking care of me! I simply will be a better Mom to my kids and a better Wife to Jimmy if I am taking care of me too. So she inspires me to not feel guilty about investing in my own health, as I am investing in my entire family's health at the same time.

Danielle: inspires me to be madly in love with my children and not care what anyone thinks about it! ;)

Jackie: inspires me to let kids be kids and not worry about the carpets or the couch or the toys or the vase etc. Children will break things, children will ruin things, and accepting it and preparing for it is a huge relief and much less stressful than always trying to prevent it.

Deanna: inspires me to try to not let having kids stop me from having fun, even though our definition of having fun has been drastically re-written.

My Mom Linda:
I couldn't complete this list without the woman who inspired me most. My Mom inspired me to leave my corporate ambitions behind in trade of the best job in the world. To accept the challenge and the financial struggle of being a one income family today so that I could be a major presence in my Children's lives the way she was in ours. My Mom sacrificed a career of her own, her friendships, her time and so many other things for my siblings and I that I couldn't even possibly begin to list them here. Now that we are older and have had children of our own, marriages, divorces, etc she continues to sacrifice for us and be there for us on a daily basis. I would not have survived the first 6 mos of Ella's life had it not been for her. She was my rock. When I was terrified and doubting myself she told me with SUCH conviction and such confidence that I would succeed, that I would be the BEST MOM and that I absolutely could do it on my own, away from the help and rescue of family. She made me believe it, and she gave me the confidence I needed to believe in myself. Lately, she probably feels like all she hears from us is what she does wrong (which is unfortunately human nature I think) But I hope she realizes when reading this, that no one is perfect, and she did/does SO MANY things right too.

So many countless others of you inspire me in so many ways everyday, and I am so happy to have you all around to watch and learn from.
As Moms we can sometimes be our own worst critic. So for any of you above who have ever felt like you do so much wrong, please know that you do a lot of things right too, and you have helped me become a better Mom as a result!



  1. Jill- I just had to tell you- (as I sit here tearing up) that this is my favorite post ever!I think we all need to stop and realize what we have at this moment- and not take it for granted. I think tomorrow is going to be a great day for the kiddos as I remember this!! :)

  2. Casey that is so sweet. I am glad you were touched by it. Just wanted to share some love with the ladies as we don't always get enough appreciation shown our way... XOXO Cant wait to see you! When can we see the transformation?????

  3. Jill - maybe in some ways you are evolving with your blog as well. IMO, this post was different from all the rest of your posts that I have read. There was something much more sophisticated about it. I think what I enjoyed most was that it was about your interpersonal relationships, what you have learned from them and how you have grown as a mom and a person. Writing is an art form, and there are many different styles. To me, this post was like abstract art. You painted a picture in broad strokes and pulled me in by allowing me to "fill in" and interpret many of finer, intimate details on my own. That's what the very best artists, writers and authors do.

    Kudos Jill, well done. - LOVE YOU.

    Your bro.

  4. I totally was. I feel the same way sometimes about some of the moms I am surrounded by. Each person has their own way of parenting and I love and want to incorporate some of each of their styles too!

    I signed up for the playdate next Tuesday! I so wanted to come today- but had a dentist appt. I miss you guys so much- I have been away way too long. Transformation is not complete and not so dramatic yet- but its coming along. Cant wait to see you- you have been an inspiration to me too- your weight loss and drive is incredible!!

  5. Jill, I love this post. It really makes me think of the great women in my life and how they inspire me to be a better parent. You inspire me to chronicle my girls' lives and really take notice of how important the little moments are. I love reading your blog and love having you as a friend. Thank you

  6. This post really made me think about how much the people in our lives shape who we are...especially as mothers. When I joined a moms group over a year and a half ago I was just a new mom who wanted to get out of my house. I never knew how many amazing women would come into my life and make me want to be a better person/mother. You inspire me Jill! We have kids the same age and you teach me that its ok for a kid to skip a nap. You take such good care of your body, husband, kids, family, house, pets, and friends that sometimes I wonder if "Jill days" have 30 hrs in them! I'm just glad your blog includes your trials and tribulations so I know your somewhat human!haha luv ya!

  7. I love it, all the insight because this is totally what each of the moms I know on your list bring to my life too. Thanks for inspiring me and giving me so much guidance in my adventures as a mother.

  8. Jill, You rock! And make it look easy....

    Love you girl!!! XOXO!!!

  9. I know I am late on this (haven't blogged in awhile).
    You made me cry! This is so sweet Jill!
    As I am reading why and how each mom inspires you, I am nodding my head in total agreement. (for the mom's I know anyway) And even the mom's that I don't know, I have someone in my life that fills that description.
    Jill- You inspire me to be confident and comfortable with my parenting style. You help me realize that its ok to do things the way I want to do it even if someone else doesn't agree. And it doesn't mean that you can't get along or be friends with those people, just stand up for what I know is right for me and my family. Thank You so much Jill!