Saturday, June 6, 2009

What a Busy Week!

We had a fun week of errands, bootcamps, playdates, and family time!

Now that School is out for Summer the neighborhood has started Tuesday Morning Coffee again, and I was the first one to host. About 5 of our neighbors came over for coffee/snacks and the kids ran around screaming on a donut sugar high the entire time! =) It was fun! Of course I took photos but didn't really get any good ones.

On Wed we went to our friend Brooke's to see some of my friends from the playgroup I used to be in. We had a blast. The kids all played well and Brooke had Pizza for everyone. Here are some cute photos.

On Fri we spent the afternoon as a family at Sweet Tomatoes teaching Ryen how to eat solid foods like veggies, pasta and potatoes, while me Jimmy and Ella stuffed ourselves with yummy food! Summer also means the return of Margarita Fridays in my neighborhood so Ella, Ryen and I went over to my neighbor Elissa's house for some Margaritas (we ended up making frozen strawberry wine drinks instead) some swimming, and some dinner. Ella was so tired when we got home she passed out cold at bedtime!

Some random thoughts:
1. My crazy PMS is gone, I dont feel like breaking every mirror I see anymore, and my 5 pounds of pre-period water weight and bloating that made me freak out thinking I was gaining weight, has disappeared. Till next month when self depracating Jill makes her return...

2. Ryen cut her second tooth on the bottom!! So exciting. They are so tiny right now that I cant get a picture but I cant wait to be able to post something soon. Toothy grins are my favorite. (she is getting so big so fast!) Instead you will have to settle for blurry photo of her eating her first french fry! Love the face!! LOL

3. My Summer Reading list in full swing. Here is my stack (minus one that is in my diaper bag).

Although honestly I will probably be done with all these in the next 5-6 weeks and will need a whole new stack! But luckily my bookclub seems like the fire was lit again and we are starting a book exchange at our club meetings so it should be a GREAT Summer of reading! Jimmy thinks it is so weird that I read more than one book at one time. I will switch off and read a chapter of this book and then a chapter of the next one. I think because I build up such a pile, I get anxious to start reading all of them and so I attempt to read them all at once. Am I weird?

4. Here is a cute video of Ella practicing her audition for American Idol Season 25. She knows like over 60 nursery rhymes and loves to sing them in the car! I sneak my camera out and catch her and as you can see, she LOVES the camera!

5. Brooke and Michella wanted to see how my handmade invitations turned out for my Sister Lisa's Bridal shower. So I told them I would post a photo here. The photo doesn't do it justice. The paper is Celadon Green over Black with Yellow Ribbon with a Calla Lily and Crystal Brads. They were so cute. (These were the flowers and wedding colors my sister had chosen so I used them for her shower too!) Right now I am working on Baby shower invites for my friend Jessie, but I can't post them on here because SHE READS MY BLOG!! Hee Hee! After they go out I will post a photo. Jimmy is telling me I should start a business.

6. At the Northeast corner of Gilbert and Ocotillo Rd there is a white cross that has been there for the 5 years I have lived here. These are common here in AZ, and are roadside tributes to those who lost their lives in car accidents. What is unique about this one, is that every couple weeks there is a new wreath of flowers hanging on it. Every couple weeks. I dont know how long it was there before I moved here, but it made me think about the person who brings these flowers twice a month and I knew right away it has to be a MOM. I will feel awful when that piece of land is converted either to commercial or residential properties as the cross will likely have to go. But for now the owners of the land continue to let it be, and the grieving Mom continues to place the fresh flowers. Each time I see it I peek in the rear-view mirror at my girls, and it reminds me to be a little more patient, drive a little bit slower, make sure I have my seatbelt on tight, and be especially thankful for the people in my life.


  1. Bummer, I was hoping to catch a glimps of the invite. I like all the activities and summer goals you listed.

  2. Of course you may NOT get a glimpse till it hits your mailbox. Which how is your list coming BTW? ;)